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Heal, protect, and maintain healthy paws with Pawesome Paw Balm. With this easy push up tube, it will be easy to apply to your pets paws. Soothe and heal dry pads, nose, and elbows. Apply to minor scratches. Protect their paws from snow, ice, salt, and cement. 

Pawesome, Paw Balm

SKU: 251
  • beeswax, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, shea butter, calendula butter (olive oil, calendula extract, & non-GMO soy butter), olive oil, raspberry seed oil

  • Apply liberally if going out for walks where ther is snow, ice, salt, and or concret.  make sure you get in between the toes.

    After a long day of play, or being out in the elements, apply to pads to moiturize and help maintain healthy paws.

    Use on dry noses or on minor scratches.  Pawesome is lick safe

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